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Soul Be Well Holistic
School of Massage

mission statement

Soul Be Well Holistic School of Massage's mission is to provide to the community with qualified professional massage therapists who are passionate about healing. 

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Get the skills to become a Holistic Massage therapy professional

Soul Be Well Holistic School of Massage program will provide you with the knowledge and hands-on skills needed to work in the growing spa industry. Upon successful completion of this program, you will receive a diploma and be qualified to sit for the state licensure examination.

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Our Purpose

Soul Be Well Holistic School of Massage aims to equip our graduates to begin their journey towards becoming top-notch holistic professionals with skills to ultimately professionals in massage therapy while creating and maintaining a supportive network of their peers.

Six Months of Hands-On Holistic Massage Training

Thank you for your interest in our Holistic Massage Therapy program. Soul Be Well Holistic aims to provide you with the hands-on training, individualized support and clinic experience it takes to pursue a successful career as a Holistic Massage Therapist in about 6 months. As a student in this program, you will quickly develop the confidence in your ability to perform techniques to your clients in our on-site salon.

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Below is a list of required course of study.

     Each student will meet the 500 hours required to complete the massage therapy program.


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Anatomy & Physiology

Required Classroom Hours: 150

This course seeks to establish an understanding of the human body's internal system and its connectedness to the human experience including pathology, body function, nutrition and maintenance of health. Program material included use of physical props, continuous testing and feedback to ensure understanding.

Basic Massage Therapy Theory & History

Required Classroom Hours: 100

This course explains the history of massage and introduces the foundation of Bodywork and Swedish Massage. This course focuses on Body Mechanics and the flow techniques used to relieve aching muscles so as to inspire relaxation. 

Swedish Massage
Working in a Sunny Office


Required Classroom Hours: 15

Introduction to becoming an independent professional; including employment, contracting, record-keeping, managing taxes; marketing, SOAP documentation in accordance with the Florida Statutes 456, 480 and Florida Administrative Code 64B7.

Clinical Practicum Massage Therapy

Required Classroom Hours: 125

This course provides the hours for supervised internship and the opportunity to gain clinical hands-on experience. 

Palm Massage

Allied Modalities Massage Therapy

Required Classroom Hours: 76

This course teaches the therapeutic methods on the uses of hot and cold tools, ice packs, saunas and other therapeutic tools and procedures. 

Other modalities addressed in this course include Aromatherapy, meditation healing, medicinal cannabis & CBD oils, stretching, neuro-muscular and pre-natal massage as well as introduction to meditation healing.

Florida Laws & Rules Governing Massage Therapy Practice

Required Classroom Hours: 10

This course addresses the Florida Laws and rules that will govern your practice that will keep incompliance to provide a safe base for your practice. 

Legal Consultant

Professional Ethics

Required Classroom Hours: 4

Important topics important to professional ethics will be addressed such as maintaining proper boundaries between client and therapist; respecting individuals' boundaries while balancing the power between client and therapist. Discussions on appropriate touch and maintaining the balance of power; addressing conflicts and the importance of developing self-awareness and self-care and the impact it has on your client and your practice. 

HIV/AIDS Education

Required Classroom Hours: 3

This course prepares you for dealing with client s who have medical conditions including HIV and AIDS. Education on the history, progression, and forms of transmission of HIV/AIDS disease processes will enhance your ability to provide professional, safe, and compassionate care to all your clients.

Aids Ribbon

Prevention of Medical Errors

Required Classroom Hours: 2 

This course teaches the responsibilities in reporting medical errors according to Florida Law, discusses the most common sources of medical error; behaviors that may lead to high- risk situations and steps that must be taken to prevent those high- risk situations or correct them. 

Theory and Practice of Hydrotherapy

Required Classroom Hours: 15

Therapeutic methods discussed on the uses of hot and cold tools, ice pack, saunas and other therapeutic tools and procedures.

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Thanks for applying to Soul Be Well Holistic School of Massage Therapy Program! We'll get back to you soon.

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